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Sleek, curvy and chrome like a Naboo royal Starship! This eye catching number is sure to have people asking questions. 

The Nubian

Saber Style
    • Material: Aluminium alloy 6063 hilt, Polycarbonate blade
    • Colour of blade: Full RGB
    • Size of hilt: 30cm
    • Size of blade: Default 92cm long 2mm thickness, 1 inch OD removable bullet tip blade
    • Speaker: 2-3 Watts, 4/8 ohm great quality
    • Sound: 9 Sound Fonts Baselit, 22 Xeno pixel
    • Time of charging & playing: 4-8 hours with USB charging cable
    • LED Light: Cree XPE2 (Baselit), 50 Watts RGB LED Pixel
    • Items in package: Lightsaber hilt, blade, USB charging cable